Five Of The Top Restaurants In Australia From Three Major Cities


Is Australia halfway across the world from you? Many people visiting the massive island country and its Gold Coast end up realizing that, and it makes this type of vacation all the more fun. When you vacation in Australia, you need to know what restaurants are good. Of course there are quite a few cities in the country and tons of restaurants. Where will you be staying? Perhaps you are going to traveling all over, from the beaches to the Sydney Opera House and beyond.

In that case, let’s stop by some of the top restaurants in certain Australian cities so that you get a good look at where to grab a good bite to eat.

Sydney, Australia

Would you have guessed that Sydney, Australia has over 5,000 restaurants? One of the best is Farmhouse Kings Cross, and you can find this establishment on Bayswater Road. The reviews do say that this place features a fixed menu but has seasonal produce. Does that mean they only use locally grown and organic produce? Beef cheeks is a menu highlight.

Now we have to get to a couple other cities so let’s get moving. Two other restaurants in Sydney you can count on are Zahli on Elizabeth Street and The Baxter Inn on Clarence Street.

Brisbane, Australia

The next Australian city we are going to visit is Brisbane with its over 4,000 restaurants. Black Hide Steakhouse on Caxton Street is #1. You can get your steak, oysters and more, but you can leave the mushy peas off of my plate. Then there is 1889 Enoteca, and it is located on Logan Road. Are you a fan of cured meats? If so, this is likely to be a favorite stop of yours. A third Brisbane restaurant for you to try is Bacchus, which can be found on Rydges South Bank. This restaurant is said to serve up delicious lamb and so much more.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is another one of the great Australian cities, and you can find tons of delicious eats there. One of the best establishments is Scopri, which can be found on Nicholson Street. Are you ready to try some rabbit and other special delicacies? Another top Melbourne restaurant is Sezar, and this establishment is located at 6 Melbourne Place. Baklava, hummus and beef cheeks await. What is up with the beef cheeks in Australia?

Let’s stop by one more Melbourne restaurant before we round this out. There is a restaurant called Cantuccio, and it is found on Lygon Street. Get your fill of Italian food including the popular Tiramisu for dessert. Could you eat your fill in garlic bread right about now? This is quite the popular spot for Italian cuisine.


As you can see, you are going to be enjoying all kinds of great food as you travel Australia.

You can hit up these fine establishments, and who knows mabey the beef cheeks will become a new favourite!