Benefits Of Buying Fresh Produce From Local Farms


Even at a time when so much farm food goes straight to can or frozen bags, there has also been a huge resurgence in fresh produce from local farms being available.

The truth is that there are many major benefits that come from buying and eating fresh produce from local farms. 

Supporting The Local Economy

One of the obvious immediate benefits is that the local economy gets a major boost. The profits aren’t being funneled up to corporate companies across state lines or hundred miles away but the farmers who are growing the food are getting your cash, you get amazing food, and that money stays in the community as it is then used for their expenses and so on. Many communities have made comments about the positive effects that farmer’s markets and similar setups have had for the communities that embrace them.


Healthier Food

Many of the locals who grow food will be going organic and those who even use some basic pesticides are going to use far less (and far weaker) ones than what corporate farms will use. In addition to this, getting food quickly from the garden as opposed to being aged and preserved means that there are a lot more nutrients. There is no nutrient loss from the field to your meals, and since the food goes directly to you it has a lot less chance of becoming contaminated along the way.

Healthier food is a bonus that keeps paying off because you will get more energy from your food, you’ll feel better, and you’ll function better. The difference isn’t a small one!


Better Tasting Food

Fresh food tastes better. This is a consistent truth, and by buying locally you’re going to be surprised just how different fresh fruits and vegetables can taste if you are used to the frozen, canned, or microwaved stuff. The flavors will be much more vibrant and the taste will make a night and day difference. You also get to enjoy the benefit of eating seasonally based on what is in season at any given time, helping really tie you into the local area and get a sense of how the natural seasons and produce works.

There are many different benefits to buying and eating fresh produce from local farms. From having healthier and better tasting food to supporting the local economy to protecting the environment by buying from local natural farmers, there are many amazing reasons that you should look at working with local farmers and food producers.

There are so many benefits, why not start today?